I am learning English at the Shop University because I can learn with a native speaker, I can get to know people from different parts of the world, and I believe it’s a good experience. I attend the Shop University to have better fluency and grammar in English in order to communicate in the correct form. The Shop University is a good program for new people in the U.S. It teaches you using creative activities. Cindy, Colombia

Suzy’s class offers a lot of learning opportunities, and it is student oriented. This is a high quality class difficult to find elsewhere in Helena. I attend the Shop University because it offers high quality classes that are focused on the student’s needs. The teacher really loves what she is doing, so you can see the difference between this and other programs. Saray, Colombia

I am learning English at the Shop University in Helena because it’s the only school to teach English for everyone who’s out of United States, and also it is a nice place to start your goal of what you want to be in America. There is a good teacher and a few volunteers to help you to improve your English level and accomplish your goal. There are a lot of students coming from different countries. You will realize different countries’ culture through them. I attend the Shop University to prepare me for college and in 2017 I have accomplished my goal to go to college. I also attend to improve my English level such as reading, writing, etc. At the Shop University, you are not only learning English. The teacher will teach everything about American culture such as law, science, math, etc. Also you make good relationships with everybody who is in the class. Lee, China

At the Shop University, I am blessed with the opportunity to improve my vocabulary and writing and review grammar rules. Suzy is an excellent teacher who is able to meet the learning needs of students with varying English communication abilities. I’ve been living in America for almost 17 years and even though I have a bachelor of science from an American university and hold a professional job, I continue to identify gaps in my English communication skills. My writing and vocabulary have improved dramatically since I began to attend weekly classes at the Shop University, which has given me the confidence I needed to communicate effectively with colleagues in a variety of professional settings. Maria, Brazil

I am learning English at the Shop University because I want to study in hairdressing school to work. I attend the Shop University to study English. Inna, Ukraine

I am a volunteer at the Shop University. With my experience here, I hope to be a better ESL teacher in South Korea. Sarah, Volunteer

The Shop University is the greatest place to learn English. It’s not just a regular English class. You can learn American culture, how to order food, and history of holidays. You are never bored at class. Actually my English has improved very much. If you are looking for an English class, you will enjoy us! Mariko, Japan

Learning another language is hard. When I returned to the US after living in Asuncion, Paraguay for 3 years, I knew I wanted to help others gain that second language skill. Now that I am retired, I have the time to volunteer. Working with the students at Shop University feeds my soul. Marianne, Volunteer